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5 Quick Questions

with Cal Dewolfe

March 21, 2018

When he wasn't racing track or cross-country last year, Cal Dewolfe of Halifax was making his mark in road racing around Nova Scotia.
In all of his road races he was in mighty strong company, and finished at or near the top of the field everytime, from his second place 15:45 5K race at the Penguin Run, to a third place 26:06 showing at the Antigonish Highland Games 5 Miler, and a second place 30:41 at the Dartmouth Natal Day 6 Miler.
Perhaps most memorable was his half marathon race at the Nova Scotia Marathon in Barrington, where he finished tied for first place with friend and Halifax Road Hammers teammate Matt McNeil, with a time of 1:12:33. It was the second fastest half marathon ran in the Maritimes last year.

Maritime Runner caught up to Dewolfe recently for 5 Quick Questions.

Cal Dewolfe of Halifax was focused on his university running for much of last year, but, when he ran road races, he made his mark. He is shown here finishing tied for first in the half marathon at the Nova Scotia Marathon in Barrington, N.S.

Andrew Wagstaff photo

Q: Music?
A: I have a playlist (although I mostly use it for pre-race warm-up or if I’m really lacking motivation). My most played songs are “Hey Ya” by OutKast, “Simple Song” by The Shins, and “The Man” by The Killers!

Favourite Maritime race?
A: That’s a tough one! I’m a big fan of the Liverpool Privateer Days 5 Miler. I didn’t get to run it last year but it’s a well organized race with a scenic course — and it’s close to my hometown to boot!

Dewolfe is focusing on the track this spring, so won’t be seen at too many of the classic road races. His next race will be a 5000m in Boston on May 12, where he is hoping to break 14:30.
He expects to be back road racing again this summer but hasn't thought far enough ahead to decide which races yet.

Q: Favourite distance?
A: I really enjoyed the Barrington half last year, but I've never raced the distance all-out, so I'm not sure if it's fair to call it my favourite distance. I'd probably go with 10k if I had to choose.
There's a chance to settle in with the pace, and it's long enough that you can recover from tactical mistakes. But not so short that it feels awkward to race on the roads (my experience with road 5Ks). I find road 5Ks feel like a sprint the entire time on the roads.

Q: Shoe of choice?
A: Right now, I'm wearing the Nike Pegasus for easy mileage and the Asics Piranha for racing! The Piranha is super lightweight and the upper fits the foot well! Racing flats just need to be light and comfy!

Q: Anything you like to eat on race day?
A: Nothing in particular! Nothing too heavy — and usually an espresso two hours before!