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5 Quick Questions

with Jen Nicholson

Aug. 16, 2017

Jen Nicholson of Cornwall, P.E.I. has been keeping a low profile on the racing circuit this year.
“It sounds cliché, but life has been busy and I haven’t raced a whole lot in the last few years,” said Nicholson “That’s not very exciting, I know…”
When she does turn out for a race these days, however, she manages to provide plenty of excitement. Especially when it comes to running 42.2K.
Nicholson’s 3:04:40 finish at last year’s Prince Edward Island Marathon , for example, was the fastest marathon run by a female on Maritime soil last year.
Maritime Runner caught up with her recently for 5 Quick Questions:

Jen Nicholson on her way to finishing as the top female in the Maritime Race Weekend marathon in 2015.

Photo courtesy of Jen Nicholson

Q: Favourite distance?
A: Hands down, the marathon. I like the training. The build-up for the marathon is always like Christmas for me - the actual day is special and exciting but I always feel a bit sad when it's all over. I like that you can settle in to your pace and it's not pain from the beginning to end like a 5K. The pain of the marathon is different. This sounds weird, but I think that, once I learned to embrace that feeling, something clicked. They are all unique too. Even when I've already run the same course before, the experience is always a bit different. I've had good ones and terrible ones, but I always seem to go back to it so I can relive the feeling of being in that zone where it's tough but doable and knowing I am going to reach my goal.

Q: Current/favourite shoe?
A: I have been wearing the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante lately. I like the fit and feel of them. Light but they have a nice amount of cushion.
Q: Music?
A: I do like to listen to music during training runs. I have a very eclectic running playlist. The music I listen to running would not necessarily be music I listen to while making supper! I like anything Eminem. “Till I Collapse" is my personal favourite. I also like to listen to it pre-race to get me pumped up. No music during the race though. I have a hard enough time focusing, as it is!

Q: Favourite Maritime race?
A: I may be a bit biased, but I have to say the PEI Marathon. The route is spectacular and the organizers do an absolutely amazing job. The volunteers and spectators are top-notch too. Plus the swag is ridiculous!

Next up for Nicholson will be a return to the Hamilton Marathon in November, which she last ran in 2010. Her son will start university in the Ontario city in the fall, and she decided it would make a great destination race.