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A proud day in Halifax

Huge parade crowd cheers on more than 100 participants

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
July 26, 2017

HALIFAX – It seemed like a great idea to have a 5K race prior to the July 22 Pride parade in Halifax, and it turned out to be the case.
More than 100 runners and walkers, most of them dressed in fabulous fashion for the occasion, took part in the inaugural Rainbow Run along the parade route through the downtown core.
“It was amazing,” said Sarah Riley of the North End Runners, who put on the event in partnership with Halifax Pride. “Everyone love love loved it, so I supposed we’ll have to bring it back.”

The inaugural Rainbow Run 5K race took place in Halifax on Saturday, July 22, prior to the annual Pride parade.

Photo by Click Productions

The run started a half hour before the parade started, with the plan being for any stragglers in the race to be absorbed into the parade. That turned out to not be necessary, as participants fed off the excitement from the large crowds lined along the route.
“The built-in cheering section all along the route was the absolute best, and everyone made it in well before the parade started, so they had a big, clear Barrington/Spring Garden runway the whole way.”
Finishing in first place was Jamie Lamond of Halifax, with a time of 18:26.
Injured since October, he said it was his first attempt at a race. It ended up being a great confidence booster for him, not to mention a lot of fun.
“I loved running with so many people and familiar faces cheering for the runners,” said Lamond.
“I also really appreciated an event that married an LGBTTQQIAAP celebration with a running race. I just wish I had more time on Saturday morning to apply glitter.”
Finishing in second place was Brent Platt, with a time of 20:26.
The event was a blast, according to Platt.
“It was extremely humbling to run the parade route and have everyone cheer me on,” he said. “The organizers did a great job putting the event together, getting the distance right and, most importantly, making everyone feel included. I can’t wait to do it again next year.”
Finishing in third place was Luke Williams at 20:41.
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