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Beat to Snot, and loving it

N.S. trail running series wraps up at Ski Wentworth

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Oct. 2, 2017

WENTWORTH, N.S. – After 16 months of recovery from a knee injury, Colin Busby was happy just to race again.
He not only participated in the Beat to Snot trail race hosted by Nova Scotia Trail Running at Ski Wentworth on Saturday, Sept. 30, he won the 6.1K race, which involved two trips up the ski hill for a total of 376 metres of vertical climbing.
“This new course was dangerous in tat it was a little more runnable than past years, so it really tempted me to climb and descend faster than I probably should have,” said Busby. “I did the short version, so I didn’t pay the price too bad, but if I had been running the long course, it wouldn’t have been pretty.”

Runners take off for the annual Beat to Snot trail race held at Ski Wentworth in Wentworth, N.S. on Saturday, Sept. 30.

He said this year’s version of the course was his favourite so far, especially the beautiful descent down the ridge trail.
Because he had to leave early, Busby was permitted to run the course a half hour prior to the rest of the group. Unfortunately for him, this happened during pouring rain, with slick leaves and mud making for some tricky moments on his way down the hill.
He said he is looking forward to whatever race director Jodi Isenor has to offer next year.
“The race was organized well, as always, with tons of amazing volunteers, and it was a really fun day,” said Busby. “It’s so nice to see 70 people lining up and eager to run up and down a ski hill for several hours.”
Busby completed the course in 37:54, followed by Andrew Davies at 43:29, and Mark McColgan at 48:05.
The top female finisher was Jillian Small, making her trail racing debut with husband Christian Richards. Both finished with a time of 59:08.
“Christian and I thought the race was amazing,” said Small. “Juggling an active lifestyle is challenging but worth it when you can say you just completed a trail race called Beat to Snot, with 376 metres of elevation on uneven terrain for over six kilometres… Not bad for a couple of road racers!”
She said she would like to see the event advertised more, so more people could find out about it and enjoy the challenge.
“I know we’ll be back for more uphill punishment at next year’s Beat to Snot, we can promise you that,” she vowed.
Finishing second among females was Deb Silver at 1:04:00, followed by Nancy Durand at 1:05:06.
The majority of Saturday’s runners took part in the longer 19K race, which included six trips up the hill for a total of 1,225 metres of climbing.
Finishing first in the longer race was Alexandre Boule, with a time of 1:59:59, followed by Steve Reeves at 2:05:57, and Martin Larose at 2:06:36. Top females were Heidi Cooke at 2:38:53, Janice Teale at 2:42:49, and Marnie Oatway at 2:52:39.
The event wrapped up the Nova Scotia Trail Racing series put on by Isenor, who seemed pleased with the event.
 “Everyone loved the trails… although they did sufficiently beat the snot out of some runners,” he said, with a smile.