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Bergeron wins Harvest
Festival 25K

MacNeill top female in annual Kensington race

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Aug. 20, 2017

KENSINGTON, P.E.I. – Michael Bergeron won the Kensington Harvest Festival 25K race here on Saturday, but he owes a little thanks to Eminem and a local police officer.
“I started conservatively with Brandon (Higginbotham) from my running club,” explained the Halifax runner. “We ran together, sharing the work for the first half, at which point the police officer that was escorting us started playing some Eminem from his car to motivate us, and I took off.”
Bergeron kept a 200m lead on Higginbotham, and pushed a little more at the end to finish at the 1:35:41 mark, a four-minute improvement from his performance at the same race last year.

Halifax Road Hammers teammates Michael Bergeron (left) and Brandon Higginbotham were the top two finishers at the annual Kensington Harvest Festival 25K race in Kensington, P.E.I. on Saturday, Aug. 19.

Photo by j. norman-bain

“The goal was to use this run as a training run, so I did half at 3:55 pace, then halfway through I decided to go for it a little harder so I ran at 3:45 and felt comfortable,” he said. “Compared to last year, I went easier at the beginning, and I think it helped.”
Also helping him was having Higginbotham help set the pace, and the police officer who went above and beyond in keeping them safe and entertained, according to Bergeron.
Higginbotham finished in second place at the 1:36:30 mark.
A transplanted islander from Winsloe, P.E.I., he has been living in Halifax and training with the Halifax Road Hammers club. It was his first time running the Harvest 25K.
“This course was known as the killer course, due to the large rolling hills, and it being a 25K, I treated it as a hard training run,” he said.
Higginbotham said he tried to catch Bergeron in the last 5K, but couldn’t do it.
“It was my first time running that distance, and for a training run with the hills, I was pleased with how my fitness and strength have developed since joining the Road Hammers,” he said.
“And having a training partner running most of the race with me… it was great to push each other.”
Finishing in third place was Mike Peterson at 1:42:39.
Top female finishers were Helga MacNeill at 1:51:49, Jennie Orr at 1:53:07, and Jocelyn Peterson at 1:56:01.
A total of 56 runners crossed the finish line. For complete results, visit the PEI Roadrunners page here .
John Bowser was the fastest runner over the age of 50, with a time of 1:53:28, while Teresa Dennis-Gallant, coming back from fracturing her ankle two years ago, was named Most Dedicated Runner.
The temperature for the race was around 17-19 degrees, with no sun, making for favourable running conditions.
“The race went great,” said co-race director Darby McCormick. “The weather was perfect and gave the runners a break from the typical grueling heat.”