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Bringing it to Barrington

Nova Scotia Marathon returns for 47th year July 23

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
July 18, 2017

BARRINGTON, N.S. – At 47 years of age, the Nova Scotia Marathon here is the longest-running marathon event in the Maritimes, but its success in recent years has proven the adage that life begins after 40.
“With the sport of running so popular now, our numbers of participants have increased,” said race director Anna Kenney.
Registration for the event peaked in 2015 with 364 entries.
Although smaller in numbers than the marathons found in Maritime cities, organizers are convinced that it is not a necessarily bad thing.

The annual Nova Scotia Marathon will take place in Barrington, N.S. on Sunday, July 23. Shown here are participants during last year’s event.

Photo by Kathy Johnson, courtesy of Nova Scotia Marathon

Starting in the Jordan area of Shelburne County, the Nova Scotia Marathon was moved to the Town of Shelburne and later the Municipality of Barrington when the recreation director moved to the municipality. It’s been here for 35 years.
“There were not many races to enter years ago, so runners were delighted to have the opportunity to participate in our race, and the tradition kept going,” said Kenney. “We have one gentleman who has run the full marathon for 17 years straight.”
The course starts and finishes at the Sherose Island Recreation Centre in Barrington Passage, traveling along a rural setting that includes much of Cape Sable Island’s beautiful coastline. Kenney described it as mostly flat, with a few rolling hills.
The event is put on by the Barrington Municipal Recreation Department, with assistance from about 100 volunteers.
For more on the Nova Scotia Marathon, visit here .
“Compared to many of the marathon events, this is not a large registration,” said Kenney. “However, because we are smaller in in runners they have lots of elbow room when starting the race.”
Featuring a full marathon, a half marathon, and a 10K, this year’s event will take place on Sunday, July 23.
Much of the attention goes to the half marathon, which will once again be featured as part of Run Nova Scotia’s Performance Series. Plenty of Run Nova Scotia members register for the run, according to Kenney, who said they have been of great assistance to her over the years.
“They are so helpful,” she said. “This year will be my 10th year doing this event, but, for my first few years, I relied on them a lot. They are so approachable, willing to solve problems for you, and help you in any way possible.”