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Celebrating the season in Moncton with 21.1K

Holiday Half Merrython benefits local food bank

Submitted by Lindsay Laltoo
Maritime Runner
Dec. 9, 2017

MONCTON, N.B. – The inaugural Homestead Holiday Half Merrython took place this Saturday morning in Moncton.
“It was dreamt up a month ago after a few Moncton runners were lamenting the lack of road races in this end of the province, and came together quickly in quirky, festive fashion,” said Lindsay Laltoo, who helped organize the event.

The inaugural Homestead Half Merrython took place in Moncton, N.B. on Saturday, Dec. 9, collecting a sleighful of food and $200 in donations for the Moncton Food Bank.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Laltoo

Runners who wore their best ugly Christmas sweater or seasonal garb were allowed to subtract 2 minutes from their finishing time, and registration was either a $10 donation, or five non-perishable food items, to be given to the Moncton Food Bank.
Race bibs featured a festive alias (such as “Darrell Wilkins a.k.a. Santa Claus”), and the finisher’s medals were handmade using Christmas ornaments. A wonderful team of volunteer elves staffed a water and eggnog station along the course, and the post-race meal featured cookies… all the cookies.
Overall winners for the men were Paul “Elf #1” Gallant in first, Colin “Christ Child” McQuade in second, and Charles “Comet” Dixon in third. For the women, Lindsay “Blitzen” Laltoo was first, followed by Rochelle “Cupid” Johnston in second, and three-way tie for third between Martine “Candy Cane” Cadieux, Gina “Mrs. Claus” McGraw, and Annie “Dancer” Pellerin.
Please see below for Official Times (OTs), Sweater Adjusted Times (SATs), and Age Group Winners (below and above 45 years of age).
In total, over $200 was raised for the Moncton Food Bank, as well as a sleighful of food.
1. Paul “Elf #1” Gallant 1:27:01 (OT) 1:27:01 (SAT)
2. Colin “Christ Child” McQuade 1:27:02 (OT) 1:25:02 (SAT)
3. Charles “Comet” Dixon 1:27:13 (OT) 1:27:13 (SAT)
4. Mike “Yeti” McNeil 1:27:30 (OT) 1:27:30 (SAT)
5. Lindsay “Blitzen” Laltoo 1:33:13 (OT) 1:31:13 (SAT)
6. Glenn “Rudolph” Myers 1:33:14 (OT) 1:31:14 (SAT)
7. Aaron “Donner” Sellers 1:33:14 (OT) 1:31:14 (SAT)
8. Rock “Kris Kringle” Francoeur 1:33:22 (OT) 1:31:22 (SAT)
9. Patrick “Vixen” Lacelle 1:33:45 (OT) 1:31:45 (SAT)
10. Hans “Dasher” Laltoo 1:34:16 (OT) 1:32:16 (SAT)
11. Jason “Tiny Tim” St-Onge 1:35:28 (OT) 1:33:28 (SAT)
12. Rochelle “Cupid” Johnston 1:40:27 (OT) 1:38:27 (SAT)
13. Craig “Snowman” Hurley 1:40:27 (OT) 1:38:27 (SAT)
14. Hector “Scrooge” Leblanc 1:43:05 (OT) 1:41:05 (SAT)
15. Mathieu “Nutcracker” McCaie 1:43:05 (OT) 1:41:05 (SAT)
16. Marc “Head Elf” Gautreau 1:44:17 (OT) 1:44:17 (SAT)
17. Scott “Hunter” Laskey 1:45:20 (OT) 1:43:20 (SAT)
18. Darrell “Santa Claus” Wilkins 1:46:33 (OT) 1:44:33 (SAT)
19. Ivy “Prancer” Austin 1:50:37 (OT) 1:48:37 (SAT)
20. Martine “Candy Cane” Cadieux 1:55:33 (OT) 1:53:33 (SAT)
21. Gina “Mrs. Claus” McGraw 1:55:33 (OT) 1:53:33 (SAT)
22. Annie “Dancer” Pellerin 1:55:33 (OT) 1:53:33 (SAT)
23. Louis-Philippe “Jack Frost” McGraw 1:55:33 (OT) 1:53:33 (SAT)
24. Gilles “Elf #2” Cormier 1:58:59 (OT) 1:58:59 (SAT)
25. Valerie “Snowflake” Isenor 2:36:52 (OT) 2:36:52 (SAT)

Age Group Winners
Mens Under 45 yrs
1. Paul “Elf #1” Gallant
2. Colin “Christ Child” McQuade
3. Mike “Yeti” McNeil
Mens Over 45 yrs
1. Charles “Comet” Dixon
2. Hans “Dasher” Laltoo
3. Hector “Scrooge” Leblanc
Womens Under 45 yrs
1. Lindsay “Blitzen” Laltoo
2. Rochelle “Cupid” Johnston
3. Martine “Candy Candy” Cadieux/Annie “Dancer” Pellerin
Womens Over 45 yrs
1. Gina “Mrs. Claus” McGraw